News: This is an ongoing project. Scottish & Irish records for Barsby are very few historically and seem to mainly relate to one particular family which had Army connections. The children were born in several different countries including India.I have recently been contacted by a descendant of that family so hopefully the information I have supplied will be of assistance.
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      John Henry Barsby 1820-1893 Merchant Seaman & Bigamist

    Barsby One-Name Study and My Own Connection

    Many years ago, when I was a young adult my Aunt gave me the original Marriage Certificate for Emma Barsby & John Robertson who were married in East London England in 1886. John Henry Barsby was shown as Emma's Father and his occupation was 'Captain'. The story that had been passed to me by my Aunt was that John Henry was lost at sea when Emma was about 8 (circa 1871). The truth turned out to be quite different thanks to the Internet. He had eloped to Australia and married an English lady over there. He had several children born in Australia as well as occasionally returning to his English wife. He died in 1893. This information came to light via his Australian descendants and the photo is also thanks to them. If you have any Barsby connections please contact me as I am accumulating documents and information continuously.
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